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Jazz Pianist...

Visit Fred's Piano Channel

Fred is an accomplished Jazz Pianist in his own right. Check the channel (above)

Entertainment Agency -

In the way of musical entertainment, we have all kinds of genres, from country, to rock, to rock and roll, to jazz, to blues, to R & B, to funk, to latin, (Salsa and Samba). From one piece to 5 piece band, we've have it covered.

Weddings and Anniversaries -

Tired of listening to repetitive music you can hear on the radio? Need something unique, distinctive, compelling and memorable? - Bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, galas, balls, parties, conventions, celebrations, seminars, birthdays, graduations - any and all functions - anywhere a touch of class is required. From one to 5 piece band, whatever is required - you're covered.

Music Lessons -

I am a former Disney employee, working at music arranging, as well as playing in the park (Main Street) as well as on the ships. I know what skills are needed to perform in this business, and as my student, I will pass these on to you.

Keyboard Player -

Fred has played in numerous different situations and is currently one of two keyboardists in Tequila Rain . Check the Portfolio page.
Be sure to visit Fred's Guestbook.


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Testimonials to the Piano Playing and Singing of Fred Potvin

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